Photography Sessions at Narmin Nasir Photography

Photography Sessions offered at Narmin Nasir Photography

In this short article, I will talk about photography sessions offered at Narmin Nasir Photography. Besides newborn photography, that is so popular, I also offer a milestone packages. A lot of parents choose to do only a newborn session for their babies though, because babies grow and change so quickly, it can be so easy to forget the details of how tiny their toes were or their chubby cheeks. But there are other milestones that parents should not miss in my opinion, especially in the first year.

My milestone package includes newborn photography (4-14 days old), babysitter session (baby photography) at 6-8 months old and cake smash session at 1 year old. Apart from the baby sessions, I also offer maternity sessions for future moms.

Around 6 months many babies have learned to sit up. This is such a big milestone in a child’s life. The six month milestone session is all about capturing your baby’s new skill of sitting. By 1 year, many babies are starting to walk, it’s also a celebration of your baby turning one. 

It’s very important to photograph the above mentioned, documenting the milestones that your baby has reached or upon reaching. It’s about photographing a time that will soon be gone and you will never have again with them. It’s a way to freeze time and preserve a memory. 

You deserve to preserve the memories, you deserve to have them forever and pass it down to your children.

Stay safe and healthy everyone! 

With Love,

Narmin Nasir Photography offered

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3 years ago

Absolutely amazing pictures,love background and beautiful baby smile

Tatiana Kahl
3 years ago

Beautiful babies! Milestone sessions are my favorite, they are so much fun!

Olga Kulakova
3 years ago

Simply beautiful! I love your backdrops collection, so authentic.

3 years ago

Such a beautiful pictures! Love it!

3 years ago

Love all your photos and your collection of props. Impressive!

Daniz Sadikhova
Daniz Sadikhova
3 years ago

Very pretty Narmin! Very impressive!

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