Tips on Macro Shots during newborn photo sessions

Tips on taking micro shots

I love including macro shots in my newborn sessions. Those lil lips, feet, hair, eyelashes are so tiny and fragile in the first weeks of newborns. It’s hard to remember all the details of your newborn when they grow up, so this is where I come in and take these priceless pictures of your newborn, so you can cherish forever.

Doesn’t matter what newborn package you will choose, I always add macro shots to all my newborn packages. I think it’s an important part of newborn photography to take macro shots of little humans. Macro shots will be a close up of your newborns lil feet, hands, lips, face, eyes and eyelashes. 

It’s always unpredictable how my session will go with a newborn but I usually plan to take the macro shots in the middle of the shoot while their eyes are closed. Even if they are wide awake, I still take them so no parent goes home without a macro shot from their newborn session.

Of course, to have a good macro shot, you would need a good photo camera and a good lens for macro shots. You would also need to know how to take them, when and at what angle, so the light falls properly and which details should be in the focus. With macro shots, you only focus a certain area on the body or the face of the newborn, so you would have to know what exactly you would love to distinguish on your photo. Each photo session should include these macro shots.

I am adding here some of the macro shots from my previous sessions so you can all see how beautiful macro shots are. 

Narmin Nasir Photography offers a newborn family session in my downtown Chicago studio that includes parents and siblings in newborn session. Not only you will get beautiful images of your newborn, but of your entire beautiful family that you’ve created. 

Stay safe and healthy everyone! 

With Love,

Narmin Nasir Photography 

Narmin Nasir is a photographer specializing in newborn photography, baby photography and maternity photography in Chicago.

Newborn photography takes place in her studio in downtown of Chicago, serving Chicago and Surrounding Areas.

Narmin Nasir is known for her artistic and modern approach to every newborn session.

To book a session, please visit the “Contact” page.

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3 years ago

I love your newborn photos the cutest

3 years ago

So many beautiful macro photos! Love them

Olga Kulakova
3 years ago

BEAUTIFUL DETAILS! You have a good eye.

Chicago Newborn & Baby Photographer

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