Newborn Photography Session

Chicago Newborn Photographer, Sweet Baby Ryan.

Back in January I had the privilege to work with the cutest client named Ryan. Ryan’s parents were visiting Chicago from Nigeria and wanted to have a newborn photography done by me. 

When they arrived in my downtown Chicago studio, Ryan’s parents told me that he was being very fussy on the way and crying a lot. You never know how your newborn photoshoot will go, it’s always a different experience with each newborn. I always keep my room in the studio really warm because it helps babies to fall asleep easier and it makes them feel comfortable. 

As soon as I grabbed Ryan from his parents arms, I started to calm him down  and once he was somewhat cooperative. I started wrapping him in a wool wrap preparing him for his first set up. Ryan went from a fussy baby to a very cooperative baby in no time. It was so easy to work with him. I didn’t even feel how fast time went by.  

Ryan’s parents were amazed at how quiet and cooperative their baby has become during the newborn photoshoot. They told me that they learned a trick from me how to keep him less fussy by keeping places a bit warmer. Ryan’s dad is a photographer himself and it was his first time watching a newborn photoshoot. He said he couldn’t do it because it’s not easy dealing with newborns and it seems like hard work. 

When he was sleepy I tried to put Ryan in a froggy pose on a beanbag but his mom was scared that he might wake up during this pose. She wanted him to stay sleepy and cooperative during the rest of the photoshoot. During my signature pose where both parents are holding the baby, Ryan decided to smile at the camera and I was able to capture his beautiful smile that his parents will forever remember. 

I enjoyed this newborn photoshoot a lot with my little client and his beautiful family. I will post some pictures from his album so you can all see how adorable my client is.

Narmin Nasir Photography offers a newborn family session in my downtown Chicago studio that includes parents and siblings in newborn session. Not only you will get beautiful images of your newborn, but of your entire beautiful family that you’ve created. 

One of the many photographers work that I admire is Oxana Alex. She is an amazing photographer and if you are an expecting mommy in LA, you should definitely contact her for a shoot.

Stay safe and healthy everyone! 

With Love,

Narmin Nasir Photography 

Narmin Nasir is a photographer specializing in newborn photography, baby photography and maternity photography in Chicago.

Newborn photography takes place in her studio in downtown of Chicago, serving Chicago and Surrounding Areas.

Narmin Nasir is known for her artistic and modern approach to every newborn session.

To book a session, please visit the “Contact” page.

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Tatiana Kahl
2 years ago

What a cutie pie! Love the variety of newborn images.

2 years ago

These are so pretty! You have an amazing collection of props and all the babies are so sweet!

Olga Kulakova
2 years ago

these pictures so adoraby! You did a great photography job. I love every single picture.

Chicago Newborn & Baby Photographer

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