My Journey to Newborn and Baby Photography!

My journey to newborn photography.

I was meant to become the newborn photographer. If someone ever told me before that I will be taking pictures of babies as young as 10 days old, I would have never believed it. I loved taking pictures of my family since I was a very little girl and my little sister was my first model.

My first love for newborn photography started when I received an email with the newborn art of Anne Geddes. I was sitting at my desk in the office and as I was going through her art work, I thought that this is something so amazing and impossible at the same time and I thought at that moment that it is not for me, so I kind of parked that idea at that time, but those images left a blueprint in my heart forever. 

After seven years, as I was expecting my first baby, I came back to this idea again, because I wanted to capture first days of his life. I started googling for the newborn photographer and opened few websites and that world mesmerized me and left me speechless. I was so in love with those photos at the websites of baby photographers. I loved how they could capture tiny details of newborns hands, lashes and even lanugo on their ears ( hair on newborn ears ). 

After giving birth to my first child, we did some lifestyle photography at home, but there were no professional poses involved. I was happy because I could capture those fleeting moments, but I was also curious how do photographers pose newborns and I started to safely pose my child to see, but he was already old enough not to be that flexible and stretchy to make those poses. 

After three years from the birth of my first child, I decided to learn some posing of newborns from professionals and started taking workshops. I really think that it is my best investment into photography (workshops), as it gives lots of knowledge and confidence later. Those workshops helped me understand the fact that I have enough patience to work with newborns and they have immense mesmerizing power over me. I am so happy and grateful that I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried myself in something new, which is now my profession.

Narmin Nasir is a photographer specializing in newborn photography, baby photography and maternity photography in Chicago.

Newborn photography takes place in her studio in downtown of Chicago, serving Chicago and Surrounding Areas.

Narmin Nasir is known for her artistic and modern approach to every newborn session.

To book a session, please visit the “Contact” page.

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kristina telnov
kristina telnov
4 years ago

what an interesting story

Nina Petaeva
4 years ago

Now you are a professional photographer. I love your baby’s pictures! Look awesome!

4 years ago

Beautiful photography! Newborn photography is my favorite!

Victoria Vasilyeva Photography

Narmin, your works are amazing! They are full of love and tenderness

4 years ago

Nice to meet you, Narmin) Your pictures is amazing!

Olga Kulakova
4 years ago

Very inspiring story! You are very talented.

Chicago Newborn & Baby Photographer

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