Fresh 48 Photography Prices

Below, you will find information on Fresh 48 Photography Prices.

These sessions are all inclusive (no separate session fee or minimum print purchase!)

They include a selection of digital images with print release so clients are able to make their own prints.

Fresh 48 sessions should be scheduled 3-4 months before your due date, to secure a spot. I try to limit the number of newborn sessions to 3 per week to ensure flexibility and personalized service to each family.

Fresh 48 or “Birth Space” are one of the most intimate and my favorite sessions. I love photos from these sessions, because they are completely documentary, stress free and relaxed. They are being taken in the hospital, in the first 48 hours after the baby is born. It is a perfect solution to those parents who do not want to have the birth photography but would like those first days’ photos. The newborns would still have hospital bracelets on their skinny feet, umbilical cord stump and are covered with wrinkles. Those wrinkles disappear so fast that after few days, the newborn will look completely different. We also may document their siblings’ reactions when they first meet and cuddle together. Those photos are something that will stay forever with you and that you will cherish for the rest of your lives.

This session is completely different from the Newborn Photo sessions that we may have later, until the newborn is 2 weeks old ideally. The difference, as mentioned above, is that the Fresh 48 session is completely documentary. There will be no special set ups, no props or any accessories.


Believe me from my own experience, that these photos will be the dearest to you in the future. I have some photos of my own children in the first 48 hours, but they were taken on mobile phone with poor lighting. Right then, I did not even know about Fresh 48 sessions, otherwise I would have definitely had it done. You may request this session for yourself or purchase it as a gift to your loved ones.

Fresh 48 Session

Photography Package
$ 650 per session
  • Approximately 1 hour in the hospital or the birth place
  • Sessions are completely documentary and there will be no special poses or props. The session will go in a very relaxed manner. You should imagine as if a photographer is not present at all.
  • Downloadable gallery of 40+ edited images
  • Very best professionally edited/retouched 10 images, including black & white copies of your choice with print release
  • Includes only immediate family (parents and siblings)

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