How I started with Newborn Photography

I always wanted to start my own blog and now that I have my own website, it will be easier for me to do so. Of course, majority of my blogs will be about newborn and baby photography, but I will also talk about something else, not to keep my readers bored. In my first blog, I just wanted to share my enormous gratitude to God for giving me this opportunity to do what I love so much – taking pictures of newborns and babies and making their parents so happy. 

The joy that I see on parents’ faces motivate me to do more and to do better. Mothers would hug me sometimes after the session and this means so much for me, I can’t describe. I have my BA in Accounting and I worked as an accountant for some time and I did good (I think😊), but somewhere inside of me I knew that I wanted to do more and do something else, something more artistic, something more creative. 

I was looking for that something within me and I eventually I found myself with a painting brush in my hand, so I started painting. It was such a relive to a soul, which strives to do something artistic. I dedicated the year to painting, was taking special classes, bought all the supplies necessary to paint at home.

Then I gave birth to my first son.

Moms, you know how you are nonstop taking pictures of your newborn whenever you get the chance to do so on your phone…

I did the same. That wasn’t enough for me though, so I started coming up with some poses – laying him on the bed, coming up with relevant color combinations and so much more. I had my husband’s professional camera then, not being used for the past 6 months, hidden on the shelf. So I blew the dust off of it and started taking pictures. The more I was taking pictures, the more I was diving into the world of photography. 

The camera became the part of my everyday life and I loved it. Little did I know then, as a new mom, that newborns who are 10 days old are so different from when they grow older to become 2 months old. The development is so fast, and they have so many milestones in their development that you kind of just step back and observe, and it is so essential that you have captured all the memories, all the milestones, all those moments in the early life of your newborn. 

I remember I was going to bed at night just after feeding my son and the first thing I did when I just laid in bed, was browsing and looking through his pictures on the phone. Those pictures bring so much joy, so much memories and so much emotions to me even today, years later and not only to me, but to my husband, my parents and my close relatives.

I lived 2 years overseas, due to my husband’s job, but when we moved back to Chicago, the first thing that I decided to do is to start doing what I now love so much – newborn and baby photography. I love children so much and again, seeing their parents so happy and knowing that my pictures will warm their hearts for the rest of their life – makes me so grateful and thankful that I am so lucky to do what I love to do the most in my life.

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