Family Photography with Newborns!

Why Family Portraits are Important?

Let’s be honest, how often do you get professionally done pictures, especially family portraits?! Not so often I would guess. Who knows what will happen to your Facebook pictures that you took on your phone 50 years from now. You might not have it anymore, and won’t be able to show it to your kids or grandkids or the beautiful relationship with each of your family members. 

Our lives are extremely busy especially with newborns. We barely find time for ourselves, let alone for family portraits. 

You’ve probably thought about family pictures but it just hasn’t happened yet. Too busy, need to look good, need to have my hair done etc. We’ve heard it many times. 

What if I told you you can get family portraits done when you bring your newborn to my downtown Chicago studio. You can kill 2 birds with 1 stone. I can’t stress enough the importance of family sessions to my clients. Family is such an important part of life. As time passes, you and your family will grow together, build bonds with one another. You will build a beautiful relationship with each member of your family and with the right photographs you can relive the memories you have shared with one another. Creating memories together as a family is something that you can be proud to look back on. 

To take stress off my clients, I offer props for newborns and beautiful dresses for moms during newborn session. The location of my newborn studio is easy to find and there’s available parking on the spot so you don’t have to worry about finding a place to park. 

Narmin Nasir Photography offers a newborn family session in my downtown Chicago studio that includes parents and siblings in newborn session. Not only you will get beautiful images of your newborn, but of your entire beautiful family that you’ve created. 

Stay safe and healthy everyone! 

With Love,

Narmin Nasir Photography 

Narmin Nasir is a photographer specializing in newborn photography, baby photography and maternity photography in Chicago.

Newborn photography takes place in her studio in downtown of Chicago, serving Chicago and Surrounding Areas.

Narmin Nasir is known for her artistic and modern approach to every newborn session.

To book a session, please visit the “Contact” page.

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4 years ago

love it. Great article and beautiful photos

4 years ago

Love it so much. Душевно и семейно

4 years ago

Great read! Lovely photographs!

Olga Kulakova
4 years ago

They look so happy! You did a great job!

Chicago Newborn & Baby Photographer

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