How to create a comfortable and safe environment for newborn photography!

How to create a comfortable and safe environment for newborn photography!

Newborn photography is an unforgettable experience for both the baby and the family. Taking pictures of the first days of a baby’s life can be a beautiful way to remember the moment. Safety and comfort for both the baby and photographer should be taken into account for best results. As a Chicago newborn photographer, with years of experience, I have come with number of little tips that would hopefully help you. Here are some suggestions for a successful photoshoot:

Choose a warm setting

Newborns lack the body-temperature control of adults, so it’s key to keep them warm during the photoshoot. A heated studio or a room with a fireplace is great, as they will help keep the baby cozy and relaxed. Have blankets and warm clothes close, just in case the newborn gets cold.

Additionally, it is important to make sure the room is not too hot, as newborns can overheat easily. A room temperature of around 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit is generally comfortable for both the newborn and the photographer. Alternatively, you could lower the temperature to 70-72 degrees, but use a small specific space heater, which is fail safe.

Make use of natural light

For newborn photography, natural light is typically the most flattering and attractive. It is gentle and diffused, ideal for photographing a baby’s delicate features. Whenever possible, shoot by a window or outdoors in a shaded spot to take advantage of natural light. When using natural light for newborn photography, keep certain things in mind.:

  • When taking pictures of a newborn, it is important to avoid direct sunlight, as it can create harsh shadows that can be unflattering in pictures, as well as cause the newborn to squint or even cry due to the intensity of the light. Instead, use natural light or a diffuser to soften the light and make the newborn more comfortable.
  • Observe where the light is pointing. Generally, gentle, indirect light from the side is the most favorable for newborns.
  • Try reflectors to redirect light onto the baby and reduce any shadows.
  • Test out various lighting setups and perspectives to determine which is most suitable for the space and subject.

Have all necessary supplies on hand

Newborns can be accident-prone, so it is wise to be prepared. Have diapers, wipes, and extra clothes ready. It is also a good idea to have a change of clothes for the photographer in case of any mishaps.

Having the proper supplies at hand can facilitate a successful photoshoot. Additionally, it can help to handle any unforeseen incidents promptly and painlessly, keeping the baby at ease.

Besides essentials, it’s a good plan to have a few items to comfort the baby – such as a pacifier, stuffed toy, or comforting blanket – which the clients usually bring. These can help to relax the newborn and make a big impact on the photoshoot.

Have some assistance

Having an extra set of hands to assist during a newborn photoshoot can be incredibly helpful. Not only can they help with positioning the baby, but they can also be instrumental in soothing the newborn and keeping them comfortable throughout the session.

I typically have a helper on hand during photoshoots involving twins, as it can be especially difficult to manage both babies at once. Having an extra person there to help can make a huge difference in the overall outcome of the photoshoot.

Communication with client

During the photoshoot, keep the client informed about what is happening. Make sure to keep the client informed about what is happening during the photo session. Let them know what poses you are trying and ask for their input and feedback. This will help to create a collaborative and productive environment.

Adapt and consider ideas. Babies can be unpredictable, and the photo session may not go as intended. Remain adaptable and willing to accept advice from the customer, and be prepared to alter the plan if necessary. Remember, you the professional photographer, but they are the parents who may know more about their newborn, even if he/she is few days old.


These newborn photography tips help to create an environment that is safe and comfortable, enabling you to take photos that will be treasured by the family for years. As a parent, plan a newborn session with an experienced photographer for the most optimal outcome. Also, try to capture the special moments of pregnancy with a maternity photoshoot to highlight the baby bump and the bond between mother and unborn child.

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