Beautiful Cake Smash Session with Mongolian Baby!

Chicago Cutest Cake Smash Session for Baby Alice.


Did I tell you how much I love taking photos of babies smashing their cakes?

I love everything about this cake smash session, because let’s be honest – it’s a lot of fun. You can take photos under natural light… or studio light, babies are bursting of laughter and sometimes they just start crying. Oh, and the bubble bath – my favorite! Unique! The whole crew, family and whoever is in the studio starts clapping, screaming – anything, just to get the attention of the baby and make it laugh. 

Would you guess where this family is originally from?

You would never! They are from magnificent country of Mongolia. The county is so large – almost as half as USA, but the population is only nearly 3 million people. With comparison to USA, which population is around 330 million. Think about it!
Puje, the mother,  had contacted me a month before the cake smash session as she fell in love with my portfolio (Thanks!) for her daughter. She explained her ideas and the vision for the photos, so I knew already what we are going to go through thanks to Pure. I only had an hour and a half though to work with Alice after they arrived in my downtown Chicago studio, thus we had to do everything a bit quicker than we usually do otherwise. 

Cake Smash Session set ups and structure.

We included four different setups in the session with her first setup being family & portrait,  then we moved on to whimsical session, which is my favorite one. We then switched to cake smash which she wasn’t excited about, haha, and the last but not least was bubble bath session for little Alice.  She had such a contagious smile, that was just spreading to everyone who was in the room. I didn’t even realize how fast the time passed by with her because of that.
The whole session was very enjoyable and parents were so happy. These photos are going to stay with them for the rest of their lives. Imagine looking at these pictures three or four years later, when the baby is all grown up and looks completely different. It is truly the best investment parents can make.

Some of the pictures from the cake smash session are below.

Narmin Nasir Photography offers a newborn family session in downtown Chicago studio which includes parents and siblings in newborn session. Not only you will get beautiful images of your newborn, but of your entire beautiful family.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

With Love,

Narmin Nasir Photography

Narmin Nasir is a photographer specializing in newborn photography, baby photography and maternity photography in Chicago.

Newborn photography takes place in her studio in downtown of Chicago, serving Chicago and Surrounding Areas.

Narmin Nasir is known for her artistic and modern approach to every newborn session.

To book a session, please visit the “Contact” page.

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4 years ago

Beautiful session 🙂 great props!

Chicago Newborn & Baby Photographer

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