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Newborn Photographer in KSA, UAE and Qatar

Hey there and thanks for stopping by! I’m Narmin, the one behind the lens at Narmin Nasir Photography. I’m a full-time mom to two amazing boys and a wife to a wonderful husband. I love traveling and have been to many countries in Europe. As my friends say – my suitcase is always “ready”. My hobby is drawing and I have few paintings that I keep at my home. Although lately I wish I had more time to paint more.

Chicago Newborn and Baby Photographer

My Photography Journey

My real love for photography started when I gave birth to my first son. I took my husband’s camera and just started taking lots of pictures of my son and my family. I was directing them on poses, when to smile and I just loved that I could freeze the beautiful moment of my two most beloved people in the world. If you’re a mom already, then you would understand what it feels like when your little one is 3 years old already. You can’t believe they are grown so much and you just browse their pictures of when they were 1 month old and melt in joy and happiness. They develop so fast that you really can’t keep up with their milestones, especially in the first weeks.

I would love to share my experience and my love with you at Narmin Nasir Photography. It is such a delight and honor to take newborn photos of your most precious people in the world and I’m just over the moon when I see parents being so happy about their pictures. That is the best reward I could ever wished and dreamt of.

My priority would be to listen to you and your preferences. Together, we would come up with the best plan to photograph your baby. As an artistic person, I love all my pictures to include a little bit of creativity, but I also love simplicity, so we are going to have both of it.

Please, take a moment and read my blog to get to know me better.

I am really looking forward meeting you and I wish you all the best and send you warmest regards!

Chicago Newborn & Baby Photographer

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